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[17 Feb 2007|05:08pm]
I have not updated in a long time, but this news is so awesome that everyone needs to know.


Now..if you dont know what Digipen is, go do some research :o
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[26 Dec 2006|06:48pm]
I sure have not done this in awhile. o:

How many of you guys missed me? Or noticed I have not updated my LJ in awhile?

Im predicting less than 3 different people will comment. T___T
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[15 Sep 2006|09:26pm]
Gosh..I need to play some smash.


I still think this picture is funny.

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[15 Sep 2006|04:00pm]
Scariest experience in my life.
Although i've almost died two times before, I was'nt scared at all.
But this really scared me x__x

So I went to the doctor finally to get my sports physical this morning for Cross Country and Wrestling. I could'nt get it earlier cause my insurance company changed my doctor without telling us. So..my physical was very delayed. Its already the middle of the CC season..and I have not made it to any meets yet.
So anyways, I went in this morning. Just as a normal physical goes, they checked me up and everything. They even gave me a urine test o.0 Then they took my blood and thats where everything went wrong. Im deathly afraid of needles..
I was really nervous the entire time. They stuck me once with a needle and could'nt find any of my veins. By that time..I was panicking alot since they had to do it again. So they did my other arm. I began to get really really hot until I eventually blacked out.

I have literally no memory from when I blacked out. It did'nt know I was going to and it came very sudden. I only have really faded memories of what I saw while I was gone. It was so weird that I dont even think I can explain it. I heard many voices too..none of which were coming from the people that were around me sine they were all calling out different names. It did'nt feel like a normal dream, so I thought I honestly felt like I was dead while experiecing this.
From what my sister told me, my body began to jerk repeatedly as if I was having a seizure. Everyone was screaming and panicing and calling out for the other nurses and stuff. My sister was having a panic attack.

When I woke up, I did'nt know what was going on. I could only tell that my head was hurting really badly. My vision quickly went away. It was literally completly black. I could'nt see anything and I was very weak. My vision seemed almost pixelated instead of blurry. Only the pixels were very dark and slowly became lighter as my vision slowly recovered.

To make a long story short:
I was really weak and tired. They took me to another place and gave me an Echocardio scan(my heart) and a Cordial scan(For my neck). My heart was alright. Now I have to go back in on monday for them to give me tests for my brain. They are gonna stick an IV needle with dye or something to see if I have any blockage in my brain or something like that. More needles >__>

But yea.
Im excited about AWA.
Lots of fun things shall occur there.

Im really tired and im still pretty weak, so im going to sleep.
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[06 Sep 2006|06:53pm]
This entire entry is about SSBM stuff.
Important things you should know if you dont wanna read all of it:
I have the best Young Link in the south east now.
I am one of the top ten best players in GA.
I am amazing.
RC is awesome.

Krunk Con: 6 man tourney. I placed 3rd behind Wes and Co_and_me. Horrible tourney. Co_and_me gave me a ride up there. It was at some club in bankhead(for those of you who live in GA..bankhead is one of the most "ghetto-ist" places in GA). Yea..really horrible tourney. I lost ten dollars even though I placed 3rd.

Then the next day came Initiation. Chewie gave me a ride to this one, and I actually partnered up with him. We placed 5th in teams. We would've done better..but Chewie kinda screwed up alot in our match against RC and John. He killed himself like 3 times..with Peach.
Then came singles:

Pools were up first. In my pool, I had:(Scores are read as win-loss towards me)
Reflex: His Bowser is friggin amazing. He 0-2 me in pools.
Mike G: Its Mike G. So he obviously 0-2 me in pools too
Nice: He has a pretty good Young Link, but I 2-0 him
112: I two stocked his Marth and Luigi. I 2-0 him too.
X2X: Actually was a pretty good match. I 2-1 him.

So in total I scored 6 points in teams, enough to give me a decent seed.

-So then the tournament starts..and my first match is against Drugfox.
For only playing for about a year(so he said), his fox was'nt all that bad. I 2-0 him in the tourney.
Next match was against Mike G. He did some amazing Mike G stuff and 2 stocked me two times in a row.
Next match was against Pete. I actually beat my Young Link with his Game and Watch(which is really good). So I went and picked Peach..then d-smashed him to death. xD He picked CF in the next round and I combo'ed the hell out of his CF. Really amazing Game and Watch though.
Next match was 112. I did 2-0 him in pools, so I was confident I could beat him. He picked Fox and pretty much 2 stocked me..two times in a row. x__x I need more fox training.

So overall, I placed 7th in singles. 112, Bobby, Reflex, Mike G, Wes and Blake.

This tournament as shown that I am not only one of the top ten best players in GA, but also that my Young Link is now almost officially the best Young Link in the Southeast.
Is'nt that amazing?

CashMoney now has new members. We now consist of:

Aurafox unfortunantly does not play smash anymore..soo..whenever we see him again, he'll be added to the list..again.

We also have two crew battles. PGI and O RLY. Exciting stuff

Annd~..thats it.
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